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The level of service your customers dream of will also:

Increase customer satisfaction & retention.
Deliver a fully integrated online service center for your customers, allowing them to easily find help, get fast and efficient serivce, and do away with repetetive communications with your reps. ServiceTraq maintains all case history available for quick viewing by both reps and your customer, helping you easily exceed their service expectations.


Cut costs associated with customer service.
Your staff can handle a much larger load to customer service representative (csr) ratio through superior case management, routing and organization. Most questions can often be easily answered through the central knowledge base, providing an excellent self-service portal, while more complex issues are easily escalated and automatically routed to the appropriate rep, based on business rules you define.


Increase revenues.
ServiceTraq provides you with the tools you need to provide top notch custmer service, helps keep customers from falling through the cracks, and allows your CSRs to concentrate more on critical issues. This translates to satisfied repeat customers.


Maximize service team productivity.
ServiceTraq is a platform that allows your reps to work together as never before. A 40% - 60% reduction in caseload is possible when used with the self-service features, while the remaining caseload allows your employees to work so efficiently, you will likely to experience much lower staffing requirements for customer service, where you may currently be overburdened.


Reduce training costs while enhancing service.
training time and associated costs can be greatly reduced by leveraging all existing knowledge through the CSR knowledge base, and maintaining a single face for all CSR/Customer interaction. New CSRs can easily come up to speed on products and services while learning the system in no time.


Show you what your customers are thinking.
ServiceTraq reporting gives you a direct view into what customers think of your products and services, as well as your customer service. With the use of general surveys and exit surveys, you can easily isolate problem areas before they get out of hand. It will further show you breakdowns of all areas based on product/service or CSR, allowing you to pinpoint exactly where many problems stem.





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Winner - Best eBusiness Product
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